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ریموت زومر
ریموت Sommer

Control at the touch of a button

with SOMMER transmitters

یکی از ویژگیهای برتر ریموت زومر نسبت به برندهای مشابه امنیت بالای  آن است و امکان کپی برداری از آن نمی باشد و دارای مدلهای مختلف از جمله ریموت کنترل چهار دکمه زومر ، ریموت کنترل دو دکمه زومر و ریموت چند کاره زومر می باشد

۴-command transmitter

Art. no. 4020V000

  • Range approx. 50m, depending on the surrounding conditions
  • Battery 3V, Type CR 2032
  • The housing has a stainless steel design, for removal
  • ۸۷ x 24 x 16 mm (slid together)
  • Four buttons facilitate the radio control of lighting, for example

ریموت زومر 4 دکمه

ریموت جدید زومر

ریموت جدید زومر با امنیت بسار بالا

فیلم آموزش کد دهی ریموت زومر ( درب های  لولایی )


Art. no. 4640V000

  • Holder for 4-command transmitter Art. no. 4020V000 for mounting in the automobile or on the wall including mounting material
  • With special adhesive strips which can be removed without leaving residue.

نگهدارنده ریموت 4 دکمه زومر

۲-command transmitter “S”

Art. no. 4026V000

  • FM 868.8 MHz
  • Very secure through Somloq rolling code system
  • Very high transmission security
  • Range approx. 50m (depending on the surrounding conditions)
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Extra high-strength plastic on the carabiner fastening

ریموت زومر 2 دکمه

Slider transmitter, 4-command

Art. no. 4031V000

  • Approx. 35 m range (depending on conditions)
  • Battery 3 V, Type CR 2032
  • Housing: High quality, modern design with stainless steel application
  • Dimensions: 62 x 35 x 16 mm (slid together)

ریموت زومر کوجک

Telecody, 12-command, IP 64

Art. no. 4071V000

  • Illuminated keys allow easy operation even in the dark
  • Range approx. 25 m, depending on the surrounding conditions
  • Battery 3 V, Type CR 123 A
  • Dimensions 147 x 48 x 30 mm (incl. aluminium holder)
  • Temperature range -20°C to +55°C
  • ۱۰ different access codes
  • ۲ unencrypted buttons e.g. for light
  • With illuminated keys
  • Including aluminium holder and mounting material

ریموت چند کاره زومر

Transmitter, 30-command, IP 64

Art. no. 4080V000

  • Range: Approx. 25 m, depending on the conditions
  • Battery 3 V, Type CR 123 A
  • Operation: Serial or targeted OPEN / CLOSE
  • With holder Art. no. 4641V000, the transmitter can also be attached to the wall.

ریموت 30 برنامه زومر

Aluminium wall holder

Art. no. 4641V000

  • For transmitter, 30-command (Art. no. 4080V000) for attachment to the wall
  • Including mounting material

قاب آلومینیومی دیواری ریموت زومر

۵-command industrial handheld transmitter

Art. no. 4011V000

  • Range approx. 50m, depending on the surrounding conditions
  • Battery 3 V, Type CR 2032
  • Dimensions – 107 x 58 x 25 mm

ریموت 5 دکمه زومر