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twist XL

The extra powerful swing gate operator

twist xl 500

Product advantages


  • universally suitable for gates opening to the left and right
  • ۱- and 2-leaf operations possible as well as mixed operations
    with twist 200 E/EL* and twist 350
  • also applicable for closed gate fillings
  • also for gates which open to the outside
  • microprocessor control board with a range of setting options,
    such as pedestrian door function, automatic closing of gate, adjustable
    speed and early warning time, adjustable functions when obstacle is
    en-countered while door is closing (either total or partial gate reversal)
  • interface for TorMinal programming device
  • quick installation and easy electrical connection


  • self-locking without any electrical lock (up to 5 m)
  • accident prevention with continuous electronically controlled
    force measurement (“DPS – Dynamic Power System”)
  • operator can be engaged and disengaged in any position
    (e.g. in case of power failure)
  • connections for safety facilities such as warning light and
    ۲-/۴-wire light barrier (photo cell), as well as for an external
    consumer (DC 24 V), floating relay output
  • the operator is very reliable due to the patented SOMMER
    gear saving brake system, even with extreme forces of up to
    ۳ tonnes applied, e.g. caused by wind load or vandalism


  • regulated soft run, without power loss
  • smooth operation thanks to a spring mounted threaded bar

* twist 200 E/EL operators and twist 350/XL control units can only be operated in connection with the conversion kit “twist XS” (item no. 3248V000).

Technical details
Weight per leaf: max. 1100 kg**
Width per leaf: max. 7.0 m***
Travel length: ۴۵۰ mm
Power supply: AC 220 … 240 V
Motor voltage: DC 24 V
Nominal frequency: ۵۰/۶۰ Hz
Temperature range: -۲۰°C / +70°C
Protection class: operator: IP 44
control unit: IP 65 / IP 67

**with a max. width of 1.5 m per leaf, 1-leaf installation.
*** with a max. weight of 400 kg per leaf, 1-leaf installation.


Special installation situations will require special fittings:

SOMMER has the right fittings for almost every installation situation. From galvanized, to stainless steel, to fittings for inclined gates, we cover all areas. And if we don´t have the fittings you need, we will help you find a solution.

SOMMER the twist XL patents
  • Patented extra security system
  • The electronic force cut-off
twist XL-winged, operator in anthracite

Art. no. 3280V000

  • DC 24 V, electromechanical, wing width max. 5000 mm, max. 500 kg
  • Universal usability for left or right stop
  • Consisting of:
    • Swing gate operator twist XL, 1-wing, anthracite
    • Mounting materials
    • Post and hinged double-door fitting
    • Without controller