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marathon SL – the powerful garage door operator for maximum convenience

The marathon SL is a real workhorse. Our premium model can move doors up to 8 m wide.

جک زیر سقفی marathon SL1100

Product advantages
  • Maximum pulling/driving force, depending on the type, up to 1100 N for garage doors up to 8 m wide
  • ۱۱۲ radio memory positions, with marathon 800 SL and 1100 SL expandable to 448 radio memory positions
  • Strength of the operator and length of the running rail can be combined to meet your requirements exactly
  • Low-energy consumption thanks to ring core transformer
  • Potential-free relay contact
  • Integrated evaluation for electrical (8.2 kOhm) or optical safety contact strips
  • Connection of two red lights possible
  • Outstanding accident prevention through electronically controlled force measurement with DPS
  • Adjustable automatic closing function
  • Controlled soft running
  • Time-saving partial opening feature
  • With its 80,000 cycles, the marathon 800 can also be used in underground garage facilities
  • Very fast and quiet opening and closing
  • Longer service life and less wear thanks to gentle transmission technology provided by the travelling motor
  • The self-locking motor provides protection against break-in and unauthorised access; no additional locking mechanism is necessary

Running rail

  • Galvanised and powder-coated running rails for optimal current flow
  • Very durable
  • For doors up to a height of 3.4 m
  • Expandable with additional rail extension up to 6000 mm door heights
  • Quick-tensioning chain for fast, secure, and easy installation with standard tools
Motor controller
  • Offers numerous connection options for photo eyes, safety contact strips or TorMinal, for example
  • Wall switch with integrated 7 m cable
  • Adjustable automatic closing function
  • Integrated radio receiver (FM 868.8 MHz) and lighting
  • Automatic obstacle detection with reversion when an obstacle is encountered, thus providing optimal protection for families with children, for example
  • The DPS Dynamic Power System continuously reads in the required force and adapts it to the other external conditions, thus providing the highest safety.
  • Backjump feature takes stress off the door and the operator
  • Controlled soft running
The highest safety
  • Automatic obstacle detection
  • Break-in protection
  • SLS – Safety Lock System
Technical details
Description marathon 550 SL marathon 800 SL marathon 1100 SL
Article No.
marathon SL ۴۲۵۰V000 ۴۵۷۰V000 ۴۵۸۰V000
۲۶۰۰ mm track units ۱۸۷۰V000 ۱۸۷۰V000 ۱۸۷۰V000
۳۴۰۰ mm track units ۱۸۷۱V000 ۱۸۷۱V000 ۱۸۷۱V000
Pulling force ۵۵۰ N ۸۰۰ N ۱۱۰۰ N
Maximum door width in mm:
Swinging door ۵۰۰۰ ۶۰۰۰ ۸۰۰۰
Sectional door ۵۰۰۰ ۶۰۰۰ ۸۰۰۰
Side hinged doors ۲۸۰۰ ۲۸۰۰ ۲۸۰۰
Side-sectional door ۴۰۰۰* ۶۰۰۰* ۸۰۰۰*
Maximum door height in mm:
Swinging door ۲۶۰۰ ۲۶۰۰ ۲۶۰۰
Sectional door ۲۳۵۰ ۲۳۵۰ ۲۳۵۰
Side hinged doors ۲۸۰۰ ۲۸۰۰ ۲۸۰۰
Side-sectional door ۲۵۰۰ ۳۰۰۰ ۳۵۰۰
Up-and-over door ۱۹۰۰ – ۲۷۰۰* ۱۹۰۰ – ۲۷۰۰* ۱۹۰۰ – ۲۷۰۰*

* with rail extension

Scope of supply

Operator unit
marathon 550 SL (550 N pulling and pushing force) Art. no. 4250V000
marathon 800 SL (800 N pulling and pushing force) Art. no. 4570V000
marathon 1100 SL (1100 N pulling and pushing force) Art. no. 4580V000

Matching running rails unit (expandable with rail extension)
Movement range 2600 mm Art. no. 1870V000
Movement range 3400 mm Art. no. 1871V000
New: Movement range 2650 mm with removable carriage* Art. no. 1873V000

Every operator unit can be combined with every running rails unit.

*The “removable carriage” version facilitates a fast and simple removal of the carriage when service is necessary. The operator can remain on the ceiling and does not need to be dismounted.

  • Transmitter
  • Wall brackets
  • Rail extensions
  • Wear and tear items