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موتور ساید


Operator systems for sectional doors

Our GIGAsedo was specially developed for doors with a low requirements specification. Smooth operation, power and durability are the hallmarks of this operator.

The standard electronic limit switch system can be set using the controller integrated into the operator by means of any conventional triplex sensing device. The innovative controlling technology means no logic is required in the sensing device. The door can either be moved by a dead man’s switch or by impulse operation/AUF.

The one-piece gear housing made of die-cast aluminum is fitted with special bronze worm wheels. The life-long lubrication is achieved by using a specially selected lubricant. The electric motor ensures long life and a low vibration and noise operation in all assembly positions.

Our operators can be manufactured with hollow shafts of 25.4 or ۳۱٫۷۵ mm depending on your requirements.

GIGAsedo operators are available in versions with an emergency hand crank (H), an emergency hand chain operation (C) or an emergency release (D).

Optionally, the operators of the GIGAsedo range can also be supplied with an additional service release.

Technical data
Three-phase operation ۲۴٫۱۰x ۱۸٫۱۴x
Output torque ۱۰۰ Nm ۱۴۰ Nm
Output speed ۲۴ min-1 ۱۸ min-1
Motor performance ۰,۳۷ kW ۰,۵۵ kW
Operating voltage ۳ x 230/400 V ۳ x 230/400 V
Frequency ۵۰ Hz ۵۰ Hz
Control voltage ۲۴ V ۲۴ V
Motor duty cycle S3-60 % S3-60 %
Building fuse ۱۰ Amps (inert) ۱۰ Amps (inert)
Protection type IP54 IP54
Weight (approx.) ۱۳ kg ۱۴ kg
Limit switch range ۱۴ ۱۴*
* if applicable with limit switch range = 20


Operator system for roller doors – versatile, powerful and dynamic

موتور ساید زومر

The roller door operator range GIGAroll has a powerful gearing system, which is combined with the latest motor technology.

Precisely manufactured worm wheels, integrated safety gear and efficient electric motors: the requirements of the market are perfectly met to the usual high standard of SOMMER quality. Chain or crank,various rpms and also the standard electronic limit switch are made to match customer requirements.

And for the suitable control unit applies as well: One for all requirements.

Technical data
Technical data ۱۸٫۱۴x
Output torque ۱۴۰ Nm
Output speed ۱۸ rpm
Motor performance ۰,۵۵ kW
Operating voltage ۳ x AC 230/400 V
Frequency ۵۰ Hz
Control voltage ۲۴ V
Motor duty cycle S3-60 %
Building fuse ۱۰ Amps (inert)
Protection type IP54
Limit switch range ۱


Operator system for high-speed foil doors

موتر ساید زومر

Optimal efficiency in a compact design for smaller high-speed doors. With 120 rpm at 35 Nm and an integrated frequency converter, the operator system has what it takes to meet customer requirements in the rapidly growing PVC high-speed door market. This system provides flexible application options either with or without a safety gear.

The integrated frequency converter can be easily set in just a few programming steps using the GIGAcontrol supplied. Although this system is also supplied with an electronic limit switch as standard, SOMMER recommends the emergency crank design.

The GIGAspeed 120.035H/90.045H can be manufactured with a hollow shaft of 25, 25.4 or 30 mm depending on equirements. Of course, other rpms and tractive powers are also available.

Technical data
Technical data ۱۲۰٫۰۳۵H ۹۰٫۰۴۵H
Output torque ۳۵ Nm ۴۵ Nm
Output speed ۱۲۰ rpm ۹۰ rpm
Motor performance ۰,۵۵ kW
Operating voltage ۳ x AC 230/400 V
Frequency ۵۰ Hz
Control voltage ۲۴ V
Motor duty cycle S3-60 %
Building fuse ۱۰ Amps (inert)
Protection type IP54
Weight (approx.) ۱۲٫۴ kg
Limit switch range ۱۴


A controller for all requirements

برد کنترل صنعتی زومر

Whether it’s a sectional, roller or high-speed door operator, with or without frequency converter, GIGAcontrol is the solution. The GIGAcontrol implements all requirements and applications.

All programming steps can be undertaken externally using the operating buttons. The 5-row clear text display with its menu system is the basis for the simple programming.

Safety elements are identified and assigned automatically. The rotation direction recognition and the simple rotation direction correction via an integrated triplex sensing device, the automatic overrun correction, the independent identification of contraflow modules, for example, and the simple setting of a connected frequency converter, are just some of the features which SOMMER presents to the market here.

Secure operation is ensured by 2 password-protected operating levels for administrators, installers and operators.

Service and error reports are shown on the large clear-text display, which can also be backlit upon request, ensuring optimal operation of the door system. The elegant casing in IP 54 design with ample installation space and cable tunnelling is the result of intensive development efforts. SOMMER is also applying new emphases here.

  • ۵-row LCD clear text display as standard
  • For mechanical and electronic limit switches
  • Status and error notification on the clear text display
  • ۳ freely programmable relays
  • Rotation direction recognition and adjustment
  • Automatic recognition and assignment of the safety elements
  • Real-time clock
  • Programming via the triplex sensing device integrated into the lid, no need to open the control system
  • Dual password protection
  • ۲ OSE connections
  • Controlling and programming of the SOMMER frequency converter
  • Recognition of the pluggable modules traffic light/slack wire switch
  • Cable routing possible between housing and wall
  • Generously-sized housing with a lot of terminal space
  • Customer-specific housing foils possible

موتور ساید زومر